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A student training game

A student training game

Grandmaster and Everyman Author John Emms saw this position appear on the board in a training game he was working on with one of his students.

2r2rk1/3qppBp/p1np1npQ/6N1/3PP3/7P/P4PP1/q3R1K1 w - - 0 30

Here, white has clearly thrown everything into a kingside attack. At a guess, it looks like black has been playing PacMan with the b-pawn, first taking a knight on c3, then pawn on b2 and finally a rook on a1, making another queen in the process. For his part it seems white has spent the gained time in bringing his bishop to h6, taking on g7, then combing this piece with his queen and knight to create a menacing invasion into black's kingside.

It's white to move. What's the best continuation and what should the final result be. GM Alexei Shirov amongst others has since contributed to the analysis. Bonus Reward Points to anyone who finds the amazing line he did. Switch off the engines and see what you can find - there are some hidden possibilities.

We will give $10 store credit to 3 random answers which give the correct final result and the best line plus some reasons as to why this is the case.

Send your entries to: support@everymanchess.com. Deadline for entries is Friday 9 June. Get analysing!